June 2017



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Things I have accomplished this weekend:

Two loads in the dishwasher and handwashed the rest. Thus went from no clean spoons to all clean spoons.
Made beans and 2 kinds of lentils, from dried, towards veggie chili later this week
Made peanut-sesame sauce towards noodles with peanut-sesame sauce later this week
It wasn't today but I'm putting it here because I'm so proud: made chicken broth from actual chicken! towards later meals, this week or otherwise.
Made honey-peanutbutter balls, you know, the ones with dry milk you made in preschool. For as long as they last.
Changed pharmacies and refilled expired inhalers
Put every medication I need to know for next Friday's exam onto a spreadsheet. N=89, which is actually less than usual, and includes some non-medication methods of contraception
Reviewed 40 pages of notes on skin diseases for Friday's exam.
Got tendonitis

Things I should have accomplished this weekend (some of which I still do need to accomplish by bedtime!):

Reviewed the rest of the 39 pages of notes on skin diseases for Friday's exam (so I can then start reviewing 124 pages of musculoskeletal notes and 139 pages of reproductive notes, plus also read some in the textbook)
Found (OK, looked for - I know where it must be) my power bill so I can pay my rent
E-mailed prof about learning to draw blood
E-mailed Library Person I don't know about my using her models to practice clinical skills
E-mailed IT person about computers in the hospital
Figured out who to talk to about where I'm doing psychiatry for next year
Figured out if the course coordinator for OB next year has changed, and if so, if this affects me in any way.
Remembered it was Mother's Day. (I really thought it was the third Sunday in May)
Done laundry (sock count = 3 pair knee socks plus innumerable ankle socks.)

Well then.

Back to the salt mines?

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