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My bedroom is clean, including the closet, but not including the bookcase that needed to be emptied, glued back together, duct taped back together and re-shelved. The glue is still drying. Also, there's something wrong with the glue - it is way too watery. I'm trying to heat it up to improve its viscosity. /Elmers Glue geekery

Any idea what can be used to replace lost shelf pegs?

Any sane reason why I should continue to keep a c1996 "Macs for Dummies"? Keep in mind I haven't owned a working Mac computer since c2000.

The cleanness of the bedroom does not include vacuuming.

Nor does it include sorting through CDs, which I can do at home, and floppy disks, which I can't.

OK, maybe the bedroom isn't clean. But all the clothing is put away and all the non-bedroom stuff has been relocated. So there. Furthermore, my laundry is caught up.

24 hours ago I would have said my dishes were also caught up, but now there seems to be a shortage of spoons again. Literal ones. The figurative ones are doing OK.

I expect the kitchen will be clean by the end of the day. Until I, you know, go into it again to 1)cook and/or 2)eat.

Any ideas, besides old-fashioned elbow grease, to get burnt lentils (and I mean burnt) off the bottom of a formerly but no longer non-stick pot?

The bathroom needs to be cleaned. Especially since a bunch of items from the bedroom were (correctly) summarily moved to its counter.

The living room needs to be cleaned.

And vacuumed.

The first thing I plan to buy when I start earning money again (1.5 years hence) is one of those vacuums that vacuums by itself.

But it looks better than it did when surgery was swallowing me whole.

The deadline for the basic room-cleaning is the beginning of WHOC break.

The deadline for everything, including video sorting and paper sorting, is the end of WHOC break.

I'm writing it down here so that the public declaration will guilt me into following through.

Also today I discovered Athena's Web. Other Mawrter alums (who aren't there already) should consider stopping by!

Also today I started researching residency programs so that someone will hire me 1.5 years hence and I can afford a robot to vacuum for me. Also so I can afford food, heat, meds and transit tokens. So far I've located 69 programs within my tentative geographic boundaries. And I've begun The Spreadsheet.

All in all, a productive day, with quite a few hours left in it.

Until June 28th, I'm not here. I may appear briefly on IM, but I wouldn't count on me if I were you. I am likely to skim and leave comments on other peoples' LJs, but I also wouldn't count on that if I were you. I will continue to read my e-mail and answer my phone.

The best way to reach me if something comes up which cannot wait until after June 28, or which you would like to make me aware so that I can deal with after June 28th, the best methods would be e-mail or leaving a comment in my LJ which will turn into e-mail when the LJ fairy waves her magick wand. If you telephone me, I will be delighted to hear from you and have approximately 2 minutes to say "Hello" and hear pressing news before I am likely to apologize profusely and say "Goodbye."

After June 28th, I plan to see all of you who are withing seeing distance, and converse electronically or telephonically with the rest. Until then, this Big Test on Everything I have Learned in Medical School to Date has sucked me into its vortex. I'll send word from the Delta Quadrant.

P.S. So far, 29 has been pretty good!

I lost my PDA yesterday.

And also my portable keyboard, my memory chip, my USB reader and my nice stylus. This is a $$ problem.

On the PDA were some phone numbers and documents I don't have on my computer or elsewhere, including my nascent Accessibility Report for My Medical School that I hoped to finish in the next week or so. This is a non-$$ problem.

I need a working PDA by July 5th. Actually I need one by yesterday, but July 5th is the absolute limit.

I lost it somewhere between the hospital (where it fell out of my luggage rack, someone pointed this out to me and I stuffed it back in) and home, one block away.

Once stupid for LOOSING the thing.

Twice stupid for not noticing for two hours, by which time there wasn't really a prayer of going back and finding it, although I did try.

Thrice stupid for not having my name on it anywhere. (Although the names and phone numbers and e-mail addresses of a bunch of other people are in there. . . )

And four times stupid for not having backed it up onto my computer recently, nor fixing the glitch which kept documents from backing up properly.

Guess I'l add "get new PDA, keyboard, USB reader and memory chip" to ToDo list. Consider getting them all online, since the keyboard can only be gotten this way, and I don't need the store to shop around for different models. One month before the Big Huge exam, all my bureaucratic nonsense, and now I go and do this. And no one to blame for this one but myself. Stupid stupid stupid stupid. Boy am I glad they used the heavy-duty screws to attach my head.

Things I have accomplished this weekend:

Two loads in the dishwasher and handwashed the rest. Thus went from no clean spoons to all clean spoons.
Made beans and 2 kinds of lentils, from dried, towards veggie chili later this week
Made peanut-sesame sauce towards noodles with peanut-sesame sauce later this week
It wasn't today but I'm putting it here because I'm so proud: made chicken broth from actual chicken! towards later meals, this week or otherwise.
Made honey-peanutbutter balls, you know, the ones with dry milk you made in preschool. For as long as they last.
Changed pharmacies and refilled expired inhalers
Put every medication I need to know for next Friday's exam onto a spreadsheet. N=89, which is actually less than usual, and includes some non-medication methods of contraception
Reviewed 40 pages of notes on skin diseases for Friday's exam.
Got tendonitis

Things I should have accomplished this weekend (some of which I still do need to accomplish by bedtime!):

Reviewed the rest of the 39 pages of notes on skin diseases for Friday's exam (so I can then start reviewing 124 pages of musculoskeletal notes and 139 pages of reproductive notes, plus also read some in the textbook)
Found (OK, looked for - I know where it must be) my power bill so I can pay my rent
E-mailed prof about learning to draw blood
E-mailed Library Person I don't know about my using her models to practice clinical skills
E-mailed IT person about computers in the hospital
Figured out who to talk to about where I'm doing psychiatry for next year
Figured out if the course coordinator for OB next year has changed, and if so, if this affects me in any way.
Remembered it was Mother's Day. (I really thought it was the third Sunday in May)
Done laundry (sock count = 3 pair knee socks plus innumerable ankle socks.)

Well then.

Back to the salt mines?

We're collecting May Day info here:

(for those possible few relevant people who read my journal but don't read [ profile] the_backsmoker (but probably should).

Or a Round-sing (indoors preferable unless Spring springs up unexpectedly on cue)

To those at Swat, or near Swat, or likely to travel to Swat for such an occasion -

When would be a good time in the next week (March 19-March 27) to hold such an event? And where? Folk-sing preferred, although Round-Sing preferable to None. Please help me determine a copacetic time and location which does not conflict with the other things most likely attendees would otherwise be doing, and I shall then post to [FUN] the particulars.

This may be my last chance to enjoy such an event for months. So please take pity on a Mawrter-alum-SWIL-hanger-on-in-exile and make her Last Spring Break of her Life Dream come true!

Here is a short synopsis of my break, using as many references to LJ people as I can muster (and there were other neat people involved, but I don't use real names in here without explicit permission, so if on the off-chance you are one of such folk reading this, you will either have to understand or let me know how how you wish to be referenced in the future.)

Hung out with [ profile] ericaceous and [Bad username or site: plasticsturgeon, @] after the Sturgeon left for points north. Food and shopping (the good kind, for produce and other food products) occured on each occasion.

Walked around BMC and HC with [ profile] jedibl just before the holidays hit in earnest. Our old stomping grounds have changed in some ways, both with turnover of people and the addition and modificaiton of buildings. Campus was so quiet! We saw some professors, including one of my bio profs who was not a young man when I had him in 1995. We left offerings to Athene.

[ profile] meanfreepath came into the city during a torential downpour and got a small taste of my life at med school as I tried to find a notary on campus (it took 3 phone calls, and talking to 4 people once arriving at the correct office - or the one next to it.) He then was my hero by helping me get my microscope out of my locker, onto a bus, and then back to the microscope rental shop. Where here "help" is a proxy for "he carried it and I opened doors and supplied Septa tokens." We then put our sodden jackets in my drier and made a truly excellent dinner of curried rice noodles.

Hogmanay was wonderful. At times the plans for it caused me to sound as though I had swallowed a Septa schedule, but so-be-it. We followed[ profile] gallian stayed with me, as in Plan A (which stands for how we (A)lways do it, for Always being defined as 2 consecutive years,) with the addition of a second, quite delightful houseguest, and then [ profile] gallian and I went out on the train to [ profile] jedibl for dinner and then To The Ball.

At a bit after midnight, about half a dozen of us snuck outside for a brief Roundsing under the bell tower. We have decided that this needs to become an annual tradition. Temporarily wounded [personal profile] reldnahkram and [personal profile] eclectic_boy and I made an interesting threesome. It was nice to have company in the elevator! I managed to catch up with [ profile] playfulfordian who I hadn't seen all year since I hadn't made it to dance class all year. Hung out a bit with [ profile] meganpowell and a large purple frog of our aquaintence.

I did my one dance - the beautiful, rhythmnic John McAlpin, with a great deal of help and support. How pleased I was that [ profile] wayman came upstairs for this, even though he was saving his strength for Mumming (Mummering? Mummying? Help?) the next day. [personal profile] fiddledragon was my partner, and we had a few Bryn Mawr-typical moments of gender confusion. Also in the set were [ profile] tirerim and [ profile] jedibl and [ profile] gallian was my hero by compiling the entire set for me. Thanks! One dance with help may be my limit, but I am so happy to be dancing again.

The Greylock recovery party resembled, from time to time, the clowns in the circus car, as we played a rousing game of "How Many People Can We Squeeze Into One Living Room?" We played some other games too, including the game for which I will travel miles to enjoy – "Name Game." Speaking of games, [personal profile] tirerim was my hero and found me Fluxx! After years of searching, I now have my very own Fluxx, and everyone should come play it with me.

The weather was so gorgeous that a number of us rambled over to campus (the majority of whom were playing Frisbee™ Golf at the time) and then had a second Roundsing. A truly wonderous moment occurred just after we had walked under the train tunnel. A train passed, and most of us - including but not limited to the small child in our company – turned and waved. I turned to [personal profile] crystalpyramid and [personal profile] fiddledragon on the last day of my magical break, amidst a conversation about the treasure of true friendship. Even considering the few people in medical school with whom I have been the friendliest, I can’t immagine a single person I have met here who would ever stop to wave at a train just because it was there.

I just hope I soaked up enough “because it was there-ness” to get me through the next five months.

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